If you are coming for the first time to Greece, particularly to the region of Chalkidiki, we will be more than happy to share with you information about accommodation, sports, sign seeing and local secrets. In this page you can find sharp ideas on how to spend your vacation time in the best enjoyable way. We, as native inhabitants of Chalkidiki and frequent travellers of the insular area, we have the advantage of knowing all those astonishing places accessible by the sea that can make your journey trully memorable, as well as summer activities, festivals and happenings. Thus, we invite you to discover the unknown beauties of Chalkidiki and Northern Greece.
In the friendly sites section at the end of this page you can find other services for your vacations. Those sites should not be considered as pure advertisements, but as friendly local tourist businesses.


Our proposals are carefully selected among a wide range of possible destinations. Those prompts are friendly proposals to our customers and were shaped by many years of professional involvement in yacht rental services. Our customers are free to design their own route using the 'Design Your Trip' page and to set sail for new exotic destinations. There are more than 1000 island waiting for you...


Friendly sites...

Aiolis StudiosMeliton SakisHouse ToroniBlueSea PortoKalamitsi AggelosToroniGarden YachtAcademy NauticalClubOfThessaloniki TropicalSails Ferien in Griechenland TaxiBusThess
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Choose among 394 Blue Flags!
From the Foundation for Environmental Education wee the map of Blue Flags in the region of Greece. Click here...

National Marine Park of Northen Sporades
youtube A short guide to accomodation, hotels and rooms-to-let in the surroundings. Click here...

Currency Site
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